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Susan Voelz
Susan Voelz

Beautiful Life: Songs of Prince Re-Imagined

Released September 16, 2016

1. Anna Stesia
2. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
3. 17 Days
4. I Would Die 4 U
5. The Beautiful Ones / Rant in the Rain
6. Miles Away (orig.)
7. Take Me With U
8. I Wish U Heaven
9. When U Were Mine
10. Reverse Life (orig.)
11. Money Don’t Matter 2 Night

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8. I Wish U Heaven
9. When U Were Mine
10. Reverse Life (orig.)

“It was a steamy night in Austin, Texas. To entertain our hot selves we decided to record a Prince song. The tape rolling through the Tascam Cassette Recorder began to melt giving the violins and guitars on Money Don’t Matter 2 Night a nice wobbly tone. This was the first song of what unexpectedly began a 20 year Prince project.”


The songs are reinventions. They are re-orchestrated through her unique sonic prism blending rock strings, beats, vocals - 11 songs in total.


Joined by guitarist Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan), Grammy nominated singer Abra Moore, Grammy winning producer engineer Jared Tuten, Poi dog Pondering creator Frank Orrall, and cellist Helen Money (aka Alison Chesley).


Susan Voelz

Susan Voelz

Summer Crashing


1. It's Like I Told You
2. Taka Looka Round
3. 3 A.M.
4. Happy
5. Step Off The Roof
6. Fallen For You
7. Mystic River Bridge
8. William
9. Glad & Sorry
10. St. Chris
11. One Strong Thread
12. I Never Saw You Cry
13. Shimmering Coda

Sounding like a movie soundtrack (or 'sonic dream') from beginning to end, Summer Crashing, is a car wreck of musical and emotional events that mulls over the question, "When we die, will we think this was anything?" Mixed by Malcolm Burn. Released by Voodoo/Dixiefrog Records in France and Pravda Records in the U.S.


"The low key but powerfully atmospheric music orbits closely around a nucleus of Voelz's breezy voice and mournful violin with occasional solar flares illuminating the twilight. Mighty Fine" – Trouser Press


"An Aural Crush of dreamy melodies awash in seductive strings and droning guitars. A mesmerizing trip." – Seattle Post-Intelligencer


"Ethereal, wry, solemn, joyful, haunting--all of them apply." – Amazon review

Susan Voelz

Susan Voelz

13 Ribs


1. Red River Waltz Overture
2. Wish to the West
3. Bearer of the Torch
4. Let Me Be Your Bible
5. The Bed Song
6. Map of You
7. Velvet Like a Tambourine
8. Good Day to Die
9. Red Drum
10. Mr. Magoo
11. Dogga Bone
12. This Old House

Critically acclaimed first CD, written and recorded between PdP tours. Released on Voodoo/Dixiefrog Records in France and Pravda Records in the U.S.


"The album is an intriguing, musically cohesive 13 song cycle." – 3 Star Review, Rolling Stone Magazine, by Jim Bessman


"Sounding like Nico and John Cale fused into one (somewhat sweeter) being..." -Rob Patterson, Musician Magazine Article


"Between sensual Oriental pleasure and childlike nursery rhyme, this first solo album from Susan Voelz turns in upon itself like a kaleidoscope…. like two people waltzing, sad and exuberant, has the appeal of violets and a rendez-vous in an English garden." - Les Inrockuptibles by Christian Larredie (French Review)