The Musician's Guide to the Road: A Survival Handbook & All-Access Backstage Pass to Touring

Written by Susan Voelz
December, 2007 Billboard Books/Random House Publishing
Available as Kindle and Trade paperback


Touring - what it’s like and how it’s done.

This book is an engaging reference guide for anyone interested in life beyond the velvet rope and the intriguing odyssey attached to each all access pass. Susan Voelz has dreamed it, lived it, loved it, loathed it and, knowing that those two hours of glory in the spotlight each night are surrounded by equal torrents of drama, excess, triumphs, and once-in-a-lifetime encounters of the oddest kind, she has written this essential rock solid, tour handbook.

Interspersed with several hundred of the author’s unedited tour-journal excerpts, you’ll learn how to prepare for tour, how to live well during your tour, and the best ways to cope with the end and aftermath of a tour.  Included are candid interviews and the 100 Great Lies of Rock.

From Austin Chronicle Online:

Rock On: Music Biz Summer Reading

Meet Dan Kennedy, Danny Goldberg, and Susan Voelz


"Fiddle phenom, and former local Susan Voelz writes extensively about every single situation that could come up in touring and how to address it.

If you’re even thinking about touring, it’s a must-read. Voelz discusses things you won’t even realize are factors in touring, whether you're making tiny van treks or spending months on a bus. A female perspective is also valuable, so she spends time on gender issues as well. Even experienced musicians could learn from this road bible."  Click to read article on

"All the joys, sage advice and pitfalls are here. I highly recommend this book".
- A. Visconti NYC Amazon Review

"Voelz’s insight is valuable and entertaining." - Jim Caligiuri, Austin Chronicle Review

"Should be required reading for rookies and veterans alike. By far the best one-stop handbook on preparing for and surviving the road.  Don’t leave home without it." - Tony Margherita, (Management, Wilco, Uncle Tupelo)

"...a straight talking primer rooted in experience and heart that cuts through the white noise around making music on the road." - Jackson Haring, High Road Touring

"Susan Voelz tells it all:  the blood, sweat, and tears of touring in the name of rock."

- Harlan Coben, International best-selling author

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